The Dom Zdrojowy Story

The last Hel village head, residing in Jastarnia, Marian Stelmaszyk, wanted to turn Jastarnia into a real sea resort. The Dom Zdrojowy concept emerged back in 1937, and the plans were created in 1938 by Jan Konke, BSc. All legal formalities in the Sea Council have been completed on Feb 22. 1939. The construction works started in Feb. 1939. The health facility was created on the side of the Baltic, it is a vast part of the recreation facility. A wide alley with trees and decorative bushes was also created. The works were progressing surprisingly quick. The building has been opened for Jastarnia tourists in the summer of 1939.

The object has been located  in the middle of the Park by the sea,
just next to a boulevard.  A perfect location and modern design have been an object of admiration for many years.

The war left the facility unchanged, and the Park was at the citizens’ disposal for many years to come. It held many concerts, including Jan Kiepura concerts and gigs by other artists of the Polish scene. The dancing parties there lasted all night long. It was a sole facility of this type within the Hel Peninsula.

On Jan. 12. 2001 the object has been bought by Inpro construction company, with an aim to create a luxurious hotel with apartments. The architecture plans were drawn up by prof. Andrzej Kohnke. Inpro company, after getting all the permits needed, started the construction works, on May 9. 2003. The opening ceremony took place on Jun. 3. 2005. Local authorities participated in that event.